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Check out our list of coaches! I'm not sure where you'll find coaches with the skills and experience of our FITS Academy staff. Each coach has an incredible knack for making practices fun, informative, and tough. You'll find our coaches LOVE wrestling, have great moral compasses, and truly care about each student and his/her development in the sport!

Coach's Bios

If you haven't seen Coach Fittery work with young wrestlers, you are in for a treat! Taking the skills he learned as an education major at American University, Coach Fittery brings contagious enthusiasm and unmistakable passion to each practice! During his three-year internship with National Hall of Famer, Wade Schalles, Coach Steve was able to observe one of the best wrestlers and clinicians to ever step foot on a mat.


Here are some of Steve's accomplishments on the mat...

-4x NCAA All-American at Shippensburg and American University

-4x NWCA Academic All-American; graduated cum laude with a 3.5 GPA

-PSAC, EIWA, & Midlands Champion; 184-20 Career College Record

-2x PA State Place Winner; 139-20 Career High School Record

-5 Years as a D1 Coach; coached 7 Division 1 All-Americans

-D3 and LL League Hall of Famer

-10 years serving with Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

Here are some of Coach Fittery's recent matches. Enjoy!

Please read the testimonials page to see what people have to say about working with Steve.

Coach Ben.jpg

Ben Brosius is the veteran of the FITS coaching staff and will be helping this season at the Rose Farm location. Coach Ben is a positive and encouraging mentor, who teaches students life lessons with a quiet and confident demeanor. His patience is unrivaled, and he is gentle and uplifting when providing insight for our wrestlers. This will be Coach Ben's fifth year with FITS Wrestling Academy. 

Brosius was an accomplished wrestler at Dover High School in Pennsylvania, before completing his degree in Computer Programming at Penn State University. Coach Ben is a happily married man to his lovely wife Shelly. They, along with their lovable pup Barnabus, currently reside in Hydes, MD where Coach Ben works from home in the computer software field.


Jake Rose will be helping at the Rose Farm location. If you think Coach Fittery is high-energy and loves wrestling...Wait 'til you meet this guy! Jake wrestled at Kennard Dale and was an assistant for the SAA program this year. When the SAA kids were told Jake will be helping at FITS, they literally celebrated. That's the kind of connection Coach Jake develops with his athletes. Kids will be more excited about practices, and you'll see your wrestler's passion for the sport increase with Coach Jake around!

Other Coaches and Helpers

*These are folks who volunteer just to make our student's experience better... and it's quite the list!

Aaron TrimpeySusquehannock HS Head Coach; Wrestled at Millersville U

John Lawrence- SAA Head Coach; Helps at Rose Farm

Chad Giraffa- Delone Catholic HS Head Coach

John Gregg- Asst Coach @ Delone Catholic

Ryan Godfrey- Helps at Susky & Rose Farm; Wrestled at Hereford HS

Wyatt Hall- Helps at Susky & Rose Farm; Wrestled at Hereford HS

Avery Cummings- Wrestled at Kennard Dale HS. Current 174lb wrestler @ McDaniel College

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