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Food Guide

List of Healthy Foods

Wondering what to buy at the grocery store? Help your athlete compete at his/her best by shopping and cooking healthy!

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Diet Plan

Here is a diet/lifestyle plan I followed in college. I hate the terminology 'cutting weight'. It's sounds not fun. Dieting and feeling great sounds much better!

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Weight Training

A sample lifting program

There's so many different ways to lift weights. The key to getting stronger is consistency and diet! Here's a 6 week off-season lifting program I followed in my competitive years. Get ready to hurt!

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Indiv. Training Plan

Template for daily reflection

Here's a basic outline on how to score your lifestyle. I only picked a couple categories. You can add categories like homework, sleep, faith, practice, etc. This is a good visual to keep track of your daily living.


Recruiting Essentials

Great ?'s to ask College Coaches

The recruiting process can be tough. I didn't have a clue as an 18 year old and wish there was trustworthy advice available from someone knowledgeable. Well, it's your lucky day!

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Workout Ideas

Tired of the Weight Room?

Here's a few ideas that you can use as cardio workouts or lifting workouts or both! Keeping workouts new and creative is important for morale!

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