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Stay in shape with these 15-25 workouts with minimum equipment needed.

*Each day has a flyer with the workout and a video explanation.

*When weights are needed, if you don't have the actual equipment, get creative. Use a rock, digging iron, bucket/gallon of water, or anything else that has weight to it.

*Any wrestler who completes 20+ Workouts will get a free piece of FITS Gear.

Day 1.jpg
Day 5.jpg
Day 9.jpg

Current Records

Pull-ups: 59 in 3 Sets

Push-ups: 140 in 2 Sets

Sit-ups: 210 in 5 Mins

Day 13 20-15-10.JPG
Day 17.JPG




Day 2.jpg
Day 6.jpg
Day 10 Full Body 5 Min Circuits.JPG
Day 14 5-7 Min Stations.JPG
Day 18.JPG
Day 3.jpg
Day 7.jpg
Day 11 Cardio Day.JPG
Day 15 6x25-50.JPG
Day 19.JPG

Current Records

Coach Fittery Pull-ups:  59 in 3 Sets

Jasper Kling Push-ups: 140 in 2 Sets

Jacob Lawerence Sit-ups: 210 in 5 Mins

Day 4.jpg



Day 8.jpg
Day 12 Yoga.JPG
Day 16 Hill.JPG
Day 20.JPG

Best Time

Kaiden Pomraning

13 Min & 16 Sec

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