Purchase your FITS Gear this week & 20% of the proceeds will go toward ministries for Matt/Natalie Mariacher & Ryan/Beth MacFarlane. Coach Fits will contact you about picking up your gear once payment is submitted. Folks who are currently coming to practice, can just buy your gear at practices.


Matt Mariacher was a teammate of Coach Fittery's at American University. A 2x EIWA Champion & NY HS State Champion, Mariacher finished 1 match shy of becoming an All-American in the 2011 National Championships. Matt's sister, Lauren, is married to the one and only Jordan Burroughs (5x World/Olympic Champion)! Matt now works at the Ephesus School in upstate New York (Rochester Area) that trains college-aged students in ministry to share the gospel through various avenues.

Beth MacFarlane, previously Beth Fittery, is Coach Fit's big sister. She was a 4x All-American gymnast @ Rutger's before starting her ministry with Athletes in Action (AIA). AIA uses sports to help reach college-aged students for Christ. If you'd like to support Beth and Ryan's ministry directly, without buying gear, you can donate or find out more here give.cru.org/0616608

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   Gear Prices

-Gray/White Shirt: $20

-Black Shorts: $25

-Sublimated Shirts: $35

-Sublimated Shorts: $45

-Sublimated Combo: $75

Gray Shirt- $20
White Shirt- $20
Black Shorts- $25
Gray Shirt- $20
Blue/Red  or Green/White Sublimated Shirt- $35
Blue/Red or Green/White Sublimated Shorts- $45
Blue/Red or Green/White Sublimated Combo- $75
(Save $5 when purchased together)