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Do you really want to win?

Here's a simple formula to follow... Hard work + Consistency = Success. If you don't think this formula is true in the 'off-season', you will find out your error in judgement come season!

Wrestling is a great sport; both team oriented and individual specific. That fact gives a wrestler wonderful accountability! The great news about our sport is that your success is up to you. That's also why losing is so difficult to deal with. Knowing you did not put in enough work to achieve your goal is one of the worst feelings...

This blog isn't going to be long. If you're serious about winning wrestling matches here's what you should be doing. Parents, maybe you can help your wrestler design a weekly plan around these guidelines...


1. Body weight or light weight exercises for 15-20 mins every day (Core and Pulling exercises specifically)

2. 15-20 mins of Cardio 2-3x week (runs, bikes, stairs, etc)

2. If you're in another sport, find a wrestling practice at 1-2x a week. If you're not; maybe 2-3x week

Jr/Sr High:

1. Weight lifting 3x/week

2. Cardio 2x/week

3. If you're in another sport, wrestle 1-2x a week. If you're not, get in a wrestling room 3-4x/week

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