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Coach Fittery has had a huge impact on my career! From technique to mental training he gave me the edge I needed to get better.  

 -Division 1 National Finalist, Ronnie Perry, Lock Haven University

Steve, Thanks for not only teaching the latest and greatest technique but also for being a good mentor to this generation of wrestlers. You not only teach great wrestling, but you instill values for life. You truly care about the kids!

-Coach Donaldson, Sarasota Military Academy Prep, head coach (Sarasota, FL)

 *Picture of Coach Fittery with my son after clinic

Coach Fittery is one of the best wrestling coaches there is period. My son Allen has learned so much from Coach Fittery, not only as a wrestler but as a person. Coach Fittery is great with little kids and has a great moral compass. At the end of practice, he will take time to ask what you learned today and give them advice about life, how to be a good person and stay out of trouble. -High School Wrestler's Father (Annandale, VA)

FITS Elite is a high intensity, physically demanding program. It will push you past your limits and help you reach your full potential. Steve Fittery is not only a great coach but a great life mentor. I would highly recommend FITS for any young wrestler trying to pursue his dreams in the sport of wrestling! -Virginia High School State Finalist

Coach Fittery is one of the most charismatic and influential coaches I have ever had the pleasure of wrestling for! On top of being an outstanding technician, he brings a unmatchable intensity to the wrestling room. If you can match his style, you will surly win more matches!  -Division 1 College Starter

My boys started their wrestling adventure with Coach Fittery and though over the years we lived in different states, they have never stopped wrestling. Why? Because Steve taught them – never give up. (And don’t be lazy.) They have not given up since then on many challenges in life, continuing academic and wrestling careers in high school and college. Steve taught them not only how to pin but also how to work hard, achieve goals and believe in the future. We are so happy that Coach Fittery is coming back to Maryland! -Mother of Junior & Senior High Wrestlers (Bethesda, MD)

I started working out at FITS my sophomore year of high school. I decided I wanted to be a better wrestler, and I knew the only way to do that was to train with the best. I spent the following spring and summer commuting over an hour to every practice. I've never seen bigger gains than during that off-season. Being around Steve, not only did I grow as a wrestler, but as a Christian and a Man. -FITS Wrestler (Fairfax, VA)

"Steve gets the best out of my son and his energy is contagious. As a mentor, he knows what it takes to get to the next level and as a coach he can break down moves and build on them every session. Most importantly, he cares and the results speak for themselves." -Jesse Althouse; HS Wrestler's Father (Lancaster, PA)

We met Steve in 2013, when he came to Cincinnati with Wade Schalles for our youth wrestling camp at Oak Hills High School. I was impressed with his ability to make tough practices fun for the kids. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious. The kids learned a lot about wrestling but more importantly they learned life lessons about respect and hard work from Steve. We have been making our way to Pennsylvania to see Steve as much as possible since that time. Steve is a very caring person first and a great wrestler second but make no mistake he is a beast on the mat. He has an excellent value system and is an absolute pleasure to be around. If we lived near him we would be there all the time. Steve is a leader by example and has all the tools to provide a good influence in your life and the life of your kids while helping them grow as wrestlers. He really is that good and that’s why we make the seven hour drive to see him when we can. We always leave feeling more informed about wrestling and felling good about the bigger picture of life. -Pat Burns; Elementary Wrestler's Father (Cincinatti, OH)

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